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10 Dec 2003

Release 0.9 (beta) release notes, api docs

log4php-0.9.tar.gz (src, docs) log4php-0.9.zip (src, docs)
28 Oct 2003

Release 0.8 (beta) release notes, api docs

log4php-0.8.tar.gz (src, docs) log4php-0.8.zip (src, docs)
24 Sep 2003

Release 0.7 (beta) release notes, api docs

log4php-0.7.tar.gz (src, docs) log4php-0.7.zip (src, docs)
15 Sep 2003

Release 0.6 (beta) release notes, api docs

log4php-0.6.tar.gz (src, docs) log4php-0.6.zip (src, docs)
10 Sep 2003

Release 0.5 (beta) release notes, api docs

log4php-0.5.tar.gz (src, docs) log4php-0.5.zip (src, docs)
02 Sep 2003

Release 0.4 (beta) release notes, api docs

log4php-0.4.tar.gz (src, docs) log4php-0.4.zip (src, docs)
25 Aug 2003

Release 0.3 (beta) release notes, api docs

log4php-0.3.tar.gz (src, docs) log4php-0.3.zip (src, docs)
20 Feb 2003

Release 0.2 (stable) release notes, api docs

log4php-0.2.tar.gz (src, docs) log4php-0.2.zip (src, docs)

Release Notes

See ChangeLog for details.

Version Release Notes
  • Added LoggerDOMConfigurator APPENDER-REF element as an APPENDER_REF alias.
  • Various changes to obtain PHP5 compatibility (not fully tested).
  • Fixed LoggerDOMConfigurator CONFIGURATOR element's namespace handling (Sergio Strampelli).
  • Fixed AppenderSkeleton::setThreshold() threshold assignment (Sergio Strampelli).
  • Fixed LoggerAppenderMail::close() mail() 'to' param.
  • Fixed remoteHostname and port params getter/setter in LoggerAppenderSocket.
  • Added "log4jNamespace" option to LoggerAppenderSocket.
  • Fixed LoggerXmlLayout CDATA rendering.
  • Added new tests.
  • Fixed bugs and malfunctions.
  • Now LoggerDatePatternConverter supports microseconds.
  • Now Appenders report errors via LoggerLog::debug().
  • Added LoggerLevelMatchFilter and LoggerLevelRangeFilter.
  • Added experimental hierarchy serialization support.
  • Included LGPL License.
  • Rechanged init configuration system (now a log4j clone).
  • Recoded LoggerLevel class.
  • Added Basic and Property Configurators.
  • Added Logger factory support.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
  • Changed configuration system (used log4j paradigma).
  • Recoded test subdir. Now it's easy to test new classes.
  • Classes are more and better documented.
  • A new build system with apache ant.
  • Brand new appenders: LoggerAppenderDailyFile, LoggerAppenderDb, LoggerAppenderEcho, LoggerAppenderMail, LoggerAppenderMailEvent, LoggerAppenderNull
  • Brand new layouts: LoggerPatternLayout, LoggerXmlLayout
  • Object Renderer Implementation (not tested)
  • Filters support with LoggerDenyAllFilter, LoggerStringMatchFilter
  • NDC and MDC (with extended functionalities) support
  • Back trace of caller location (file,line,method) (only with PHP >= 4.3.0)
  • Appenders: LoggerAppenderConsole, LoggerAppenderFile, LoggerAppenderPhp, LoggerAppenderRollingFile, LoggerAppenderSocket, LoggerAppenderSyslog
  • Layouts: LoggerLayoutHtml, LoggerLayoutSimple, LoggerLayoutTTCC
  • XML configuration file support

Revision: $Revision: 1.25 $